Games & Sports

sportNowadays, once most favourite means of entertainment has altogether become significant because of emergence of modern electronic gadgets. Youngsters can be seen stuck to audio visual gadgets rather than going for outdoor games. This adversely affects their mental and physical health both. It affects their efficiency in many ways.

To enable the students, we at Radiant strive to prepare our students to face the challenges of modern world without failure. To achieve our goal, due importance is given to games and sports activities. To develop healthy sportsman-spirit, in addition to team games, i.e. Cricket, Volleyball, Badminton, etc. athletic events i.e. Races- Sprint (100M), Relay race (200M and 400M), Jumps-(High jump, Long jump) and Throws – Javelins, Shot-put and Discus throw) are also organized. Certain indoor games such as Chess, Carom, and Table Tennis are also held.

Apart from annual sports meet organizing at school level every year, our students represent the academy in CBSE sports meet at different levels.