Health Club

Health club organized Yoga camp on Dec 21,2011 at the academy premises to train the students in the art of meditation and concentration. Yoga Guru Vipin Kumar, a disciple of Baba Ram Dev of Patanjali Yogapith Haridwar , gave lively demonstration on Asnas, Pranayams & Yoga. He also cast light on the need and importance of Yoga in the modern world. Jalalpur, Dec 17. Though the weather was quite against, yet a yoga session took place in Radiant premises. The master of yoga, Yogiraj Vipin, a trained pupil of Swami Ramdev was invited to give the tips and to provide lively demonstration to the students of class X. Focus and live demonstrations for different aspects took place stepwise. Regarding Mudras, he told many types of Mudras such as Surya Mudra. Surya Namaskar- the source of energy, abhay Mudra- to be fearless, gyan mudra- for a healthy mind. Regarding Asanas, Yogiraj detailed and demonstrated many Asanas such as Mayur Asana-to improve body balance, Padmasana, Makarasana- to provide relaxation from spinal twist or lower back pain. The students made a commitment to make Yoga a part of their life. The event was organized by Mr. SACHINDRA UTTAM.

A workshop on First Aid was held in the academy auditorium on October 15, 2011. A team of reputed doctor from local hospital attended the workshop to facilitate students. They demonstrated the use of first aid box in different situations & cases. Also a talk on preparation & maintenance of first aid box was delivered. The doctors laid special emphasis on the maintenance on better drinking water facility. The students distributed handouts sensitizing the students of other classes regarding the prevention of few common diseases like conjunctivitis, diarrhoea.